Laundry Rinse Sanitiser Softener 1 Litre


•Kills 99.99% of germs

•Contains a softening liquid to improve softness and reduce drying time

•Contains Ammonium Compound as a sanitiser

•Pleasant long lasting floral fragrance

•Ultra Concentrated


Product Details

Code: 7482-08580
Size: 1 Litre

AKTIVO Sanitiser Softener Laundry Rinse is a super concentrate sanitiser and softener. Incorporating the latest laundry technology to soften and effectively sanitise and deodorise, eliminating 99.99% of germs*. Suitable in hot or cold water, AKTIVO Sanitiser Softener Laundry Rinse leaves linen and all washable fabrics hygienically clean when added to the final rinse of the washing cycle. We recommend for the best results use AKTIVO Sanitiser Softener Laundry Rinse in conjunction with Aktivo Ultra Concentrate Laundry Liquid or Powder.

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